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Our Partners

We Strategic Partners form part of our Global Learning Community for our students and our teaching faculty. We have institutions to provide our students and faculty, unique learning experiences through attachment and immersion programmes.


Partner School of SEAB

The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board was formed to develop and conduct national examinations and assessment services in Singapore and overseas. The Singapore iPSLE is the international version of the Singapore’s Primary leaving Examination (PSLE), an examination offered to all pupils at the end of Primary Education. NHJS through the efforts of our Board of Governors, we have become partners with the SEAB and with this special relationship we are the only authorized examination center in Jakarta for the iPSLE.


Logo Piaget

Member of P.I.A.G.E.T Academy

The P.I.A.G.E.T Academy started in 2001 as an International School in adopting the Singapore Education System and its examinations as a response to the vision of developing Singapore into an educational hub of the region. Today P.I.A.G.E.T Academy has transformed into an organization that has developed its own brand of international education system along the Singapore educational model.

Piaget Academy operates two schools in Indonesia located in Jakarta and Surabaya.  It has offices in Singapore and Jakarta.



iPSLE& SEAB Logo 11


Strategic partners logo



  • Fahan School, Tasmania, Australia Fahan
  • St. Michael’s Collegiate School, Tasmania, Australia st michael collegiate
  • North Vista Secondary School, SingaporeNorth Vista Logo
  • Palm View Primary School, SingaporePalm View Logo
  • Nanyang Girls’ High School, Singaporenanyang girls high school - OK
  • Rosyth School, Singapore  rosyth school
  • Shanghai Institute of Technology, PRC  Shanghai Institute of Technology
  • ICAS (International Competition & Assessment for Schools)  UNSW