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P.I.A.G.E.T Academy

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PIAGET Academy

The P.I.A.G.E.T Schools come under the direction and supervision of P.I.A.G.E.T Academy. P.I.A.G.E.T Academy started in 2001 as an international school in Singapore adopting the Singapore education system and its examinations. Today P.I.A.G.E.T Academy has transformed into an organisation that has developed its own unique brand of education – P.I.A.G.E.T Education – blending the best of both the east and the west.

The P.I.A.G.E.T Schools are the only schools in Indonesia conferred as the Partner School of the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), a Statutory Board within the Ministry of Education and are the only official Examinations Centers for iPSLE (Singapore International Primary School Leaving Examination) in Indonesia.

NationalHigh Jakarta School is a school of Piaget Academy which has schools in Jakarta and Surabaya. All these schools share the same Vision and Mission. Coordination of the school is through a central office based in Singapore. The Academy’s Superintendent is responsible for facilitating information and programmes between the three schools. The Board of Governors is responsible for ensuring the education provided in each Piaget school is in keeping with the Vision and Mission of PIAGET.



We prepare our students to be PIAGETIANS that espouse the following core values:

PASSION for learning, enthusiastically pursuing interests and goals to achieve maximum potential.

INTEGRITY in mutual dealings and civic responsibility.

ADAPTABILITY to accept and initiate changes that are contributory and impactful on others.

GRACE and respect for others and to be dignified even under pressure.

EXCELLENCE as the goal, to remain steadfast and undaunted in its pursuit.

TEAMWORK to channel group dynamics and synergy towards goal accomplishment.



As a PIAGETIAN, we will

  • Characterize commitment and responsibility,
  • be respectful of others, tolerant of differences,
  • demonstrate strong moral values,
  • be generous in thoughts, words and deeds towards others,
  • espouse self learning, be diligent and nurture keen and an enquiring mind,
  • display humility, stamina, steadfastness and take pride in doing all things well,
  • serve others, contribute to community, and build a better world.