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Vision and Mission



Creating a better world through education.


Nurturing our young into good sons and daughters, lifelong learners and active citizens, grounded in values.

NationalHigh Jakarta School aims to provide a primary and secondary school education of distinction through the expertise of employing professional teachers. We aim to constantly enhance our programmes to promote active and creative learning. We aim to engage students and teachers purposefully, thereby providing a more rounded education for our students. Whilst doing all this we are mindful of keeping the rigors of the academic programme. We aim for our students to have a positive attitude towards learning. He or she will be morally upright, intellectually nimble, socially responsible, physically robust and aesthetically aware.

Piaget Academy and all her schools are committed to provide a quality education that grows the children holistically – educating and shaping their head, heart, and hands.  This is achieved through our 12 year education journey with our students who join us from Primary school and finally graduating after their Junior College year. The variety of exciting academic and character building programmes support the realization of every child’s potential to excel and attain good results and sound character. 

The three pillars of P.I.A.G.E.T Education at NATIONALHIGH JAKARTA SCHOOL 

3 “H” Model

Domains Programmes and Activities 
HEAD Cognitive DevelopmentThinking Skills
HEART Values and Life Skills
HANDS Application of KnowledgeCommunity Involvement and Social Responsibility Projects




Using the 3 “H” engagement model, we believe our graduates will be best positioned for the future with adequate training to strengthen their

head, heart and hands.