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Photo Gallery

A.Y 2017-2018

Semester 2

Chinese New Year

Interdisciplinary Project Work

Mr. Sandy Visit from New South Wales University

Chinese Writing Competition

Coca Cola League

Open House – 26 January 2017

Parent Teacher Meeting Sec 4

Semester 1

Christmas Party

Open House – 6 December 2017

Singapore National Academy Visit

CCA Open House

SC Camp

Pasar Murah by Leo Club

North Vista Secondary School Visit

Primary School Experience For Kindergarten Kids

Music Day

Career Day

NH Lions Cup

Mini Education Fair

Mid Autumn Festival

Student Performances at MTA

Sec 1 Jogja Camp

P6 Caldera Camp

P5 Badak Air Camp

P4 Bandung Camp

Palm View & Rosyth School Visit

Interdisciplinary Week 19, 20, 22 September 2017

Habits of Mind

Independence Day

Young Leaders Convention (YLC)

SMA Accreditation



A.Y 2016-2017

Semester 2

Coming of Age (CoA) 2017

REAL MADRID Clinic Jakarta

Awards Day

Students Led Conference (SLC) 2017

Ragunan Zoo

Singapore Examinations & Assessments Board (SEAB) Visit

Kartini’s Day

O/A Camp

Singapore Immersion Camp

Music Day

Chinese Writing Competition


Puppet Doll – IPW

Student Performance in Gandaria Mall for Chinese New Year


Semester 1

First Day in A.Y 2016-2017

Parent Teacher Meeting (New Students)

CCA Fair

Student Council Parent Meeting

Parent Teacher Meeting For Primary Level

Body Hygiene Session 

Parent Teacher Meeting For Secondary and JC Level

Youth Leadership Convention

Independence Day

Parent Teacher Meeting – P1 and P2 Level

Student Performance in Edufair (Puri Mall)

Open House – 7 September 2016

Hutchins Lounge Launching by Mr. Dean Warwick

Thinking Camp

Interdisciplinary Week

Mid Autumn Festival

P6 Camp – Caldera, Sukabumi

Be Yourself Week

P4 Camp – Bandung

P5 Camp – Badak Air

Secondary 1  Camp – Jogjakarta

Secondary 3 Camp – Cidahu

Secondary 4 Physics Field Trip

Free School by Nation Building

Clean Up Jakarta by Nation Building

NH Lions Cup

Career Day

International – UN Day Celebration

North Vista School Visit to NHJS

P1 Learning Journey – Bintaro Fish Centre

Lions Club – Inauguration

Lions Club – Pasar Murah

P2 Learning Journey – Godong Ijo

Sec 2 – JC 1 – Bhutan camp

IPSLE Awardees

Santa Claus was Coming to NHJS

Christmas Class Party

Real Madrid Soccer Clinic

Christmas Quest Concert – Unity and Togetherness

Chinese New Year Celebration and Chinese Singing Competition


A.Y 2015-2016

Semester 2

Spirit Week

Chinese New Year

Interdisciplinary Week (IDW)

NH Lions Cup

Mulan Jr. Musical


Kartini Day

Nation Building Project-Blood Test (SMKN)

Secondary 4 Commencement and JC 2 Graduation Ceremony

Primary 6 Commencement Ceremony

Student Led Conferences

Awards Day

COA 2016 Newsletter Issue 4 (8 Jun – 10 Jun 2016)

COA 2016 Newsletter Issue 3 (5 Jun – 7 Jun 2016)

COA 2016 NewsLetter – Issue 2 (2 – 4 June 2016)

COA 2016 NewsLetter – Issue 1 (30 May – 1 June 2016)


Semester 1

Youth Leadership Convention

Independence Day

Forensic Camp

Open House

Student Performance in Edufair

Mid Autumn Festival

P4 Bandung Camp

P5-P6 Adventure Camp

S1 Jogja Camp

S2 Pre-Coming of Age Camp (NHJS and Singapore National Academy)

Bhutan Camp (Secondary – JC)

Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation (December)

Christmas Caroling (December)


A.Y 2014-2015

Semester 2

Kartini Day 

Sport Day


Musical Drama

Interdisciplinary Week

Student Led Conference

Awards Day

Chinese New Year 2015

Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation (June)

Learning Journey 2015

OLE 2015

Student Council Project

JSFA Coca-Cola League 2015


Semester 1

Independence Day

Mid Autumn Festival

Christmas Concert


Music Day

Spirit Week

Orientation Day